Fact File: Rabbits

  What to look out for: Droppings, stripped tree trunks, burrows, shoots on plants that have been eaten down to ground level. Why Control Them: Rabbits can quickly become a nuisance as they damage lawns, plants and flowers. Their burrows can also cause subsidence issues as their burrow systems can cause the […]

CEPA European Quality Standard Certification

  Hillbans Pest Control Ltd have been awarded CEPA European Quality Standard Certification for pest management services EN16636. The only pest control company on the Island to hold this much coveted award. Something that further demonstrates their professional credentials and confirms that Hillbans exercise best working practices from a professional workforce […]


  Hillbans Pest Control are proud to announce that they have achieved CEPA certification which demonstrates their  professional credentials within a competitive market, it confirms that Hillbans exercise best working practices and employ a competent workforce with an awareness of legislation, statutory and European requirements. CEPA Certified® sets a clear […]

Fact File: Mice

  Appearance: Mice are small rodents with a similar appearance to rats but a little smaller. They come in all colours such as brown, black and grey. They also have small sharp claws and a long fur-less tale. Species: Over 1000 species. Size: 6 to 7 inches (15 to 18 […]