Pest Control for Hotels

Hotels need pest control to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their guests. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, and other insects can carry diseases and cause health problems for guests. They can also damage hotel property and negatively impact the hotel's reputation.

Regular pest control measures, including inspections, treatments, and preventive measures, can help hotels prevent pest infestations and address any pest issues before they become widespread. Pest control professionals use a range of techniques and products to control and eliminate pests, including insecticides, traps, and baits.

Hillbans are the leading Pest Control company on the Isle of Wight, and can implement discreet and effective pest control measures, ensuring the comfort and safety of your guests, protecting their property, and maintaining a positive reputation in the hospitality industry.

CPD Training for your staff

Hillbans Pest Control provides effective bed bug control services for your hotel with our specialists working alongside your housekeeping staff to identify and eliminate bed bugs as soon as possible. We understand bed bugs’ biology and breeding patterns and use our expertise to provide customised solutions for your accommodation, protecting your reputation and ensuring a comfortable stay for your guests. With our effective bed bug control solutions, housekeeping staff can identify and report bed bug infestations, saving your hotel from the negative impact and ensuring a profitable control of room turnover.

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Signs on Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on Human Skin