Effective Bed Bug Control for Hospitality

Hillbans Pest Control provides effective bed bug control services for your hotel with our specialists working alongside your housekeeping staff to identify and eliminate bed bugs as soon as possible. We understand bed bugs’ biology and breeding patterns and use our expertise to provide customised solutions for your accommodation, protecting your reputation and ensuring a comfortable stay for your guests. With our effective bed bug control solutions, housekeeping staff can identify and report bed bug infestations, saving your hotel from the negative impact and ensuring a profitable control of room turnover.

Effective Pest Control Management CPD Training:

We can help you to gain the essential skill of managing pests on your property. Our experienced team teaches awareness of signs to look for while inspecting rooms, what to do if you find an infestation, and how to manage the room and surrounding rooms through treatment. With our help, you can keep your property pest-free and minimise the risk of health hazards and damage caused by pests.

Pest Control Training and Protection CPD Training:

Hillbans offer on-site training to protect your premises from bed bugs and other pests. Our expert team will walk you through the treatment plans and costings for when an infestation has taken hold and you’ll receive a certificate upon completion of the course, showcasing your new skills and knowledge.

Signs on Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on Human Skin