Pest Control FAQ’s

We get asked a lot of questions relating to Pest Control, so we have put together some of the frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you don’t find the answer you need, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Question: I can hear scratching noises in the loft and the cavity walls? What could this be?

This sounds like a rodent infestation. Look for signs of activity including chewed wires, urination, defecation and strong smells. We can advise you on proofing your house and start a four-part rodent treatment.

Question: Are you discreet? I don’t want anyone knowing I have rats!!

Yes, we have discreet vans and our technicians are mindful of privacy.

Question: Do you provide a weekend call-out service?

We can visit your premises at weekends by prior arrangement. Call us for more information.

Question: I seem to wake up in the morning with small bite marks on my skin? What could be causing this?

It most probably is a bed bug infestation or an allergy to dust mites. Call us for a survey to ascertain what you have.

Question: How do I stop birds from nesting on my roof and in my rafters?

Mostly pigeons and seagulls are the culprits for this. We can advise you on bird netting and spikes which are the most common prevention methods.

Question: Why does it take more than one treatment for Bed Bugs and Rodents?

Pest have varied life cycles and our methods work on all the stages of their life cycles for a more bespoke treatment. Repeated visits with follow ups ensure a quality service.

Question: How can I tell what kind of pest problem I have?

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to be totally sure of what kind of infestation you have. We can come out to your property and conduct a survey to confirm what the problem is. We will then advise you on what to do next.

Question: What kind of training have your technicians passed?

All technicians working for Hillbans pest control have been trained to a high standard in Pest Management, follow strict guidelines and are accredited by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association).

Question: What will happen on my first visit for a rodent treatment?

Our trained technicians will inspect your property for access points, evaluate damages and the size of the infestation. After this they will treat the affected areas, laying bait and traps, followed by giving you information on preventing any further infestations through proofing your home.

Question: My cat has got fleas and I’m devastated! They are all over the house, what can I do?

First things first, you need to get the cat treated by a vet with a prescribed flea treatment. Once the cat is on this treatment, we can conduct a thorough spray of the property. You and your cat will need to leave the property for a minimum of four hours. Once this time has passed you can enter the property. Do not vacuum for 14 days and keep up with the vet treatments.

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