humane rat traps

As a multi-award winning business established over 30 years ago Hillbans Pest Control is used to adapting to changing needs and methods, something that sets it aside from others and reflected in them being the most highly accredited and successful business in its industry based on the island.

Whilst there is a need for pests to be controlled and infestations prevented, Hillbans Pest Control understand the importance of managing this safely and in an environmentally conscious way, promoting an island that is not only pest free, but in which native species such as the red squirrel can survive, thrive and flourish.

Sandra Knowles, Managing Director comments: “Islanders are increasingly aware of the effect on our plant and environment as a result of the companies and products they use. In business and at home more and more people want to work with companies such as ours, which value the environment and work hard to protect it. Something we welcome and embrace within our ethos as a business.”

This commitment is uniquely reflected in Sandra having a wildlife conservationist on her team together with the introduction of innovative pest control systems such as ‘Good Nature’ rodent traps which are poison-free, humane and non-toxic. Eliminating any possibility of secondary poisoning and resulting in the company now working even more closely with the islands wildlife parks, farmers, caterers and anyone where contamination of food or feed by secondary poisoning poses a threat to people, wildlife and the environment.

Balancing the needs of customers with the environment and effectively managing the pest threat across the island is not easy but something that once again sets Hillbans Pest Control aside from others.