Customer update from Hillbans Pest Control

Dear Customer,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and that you have had a safe and healthy spring season. With Summer slowly making its way, we would like to share some helpful information and tips to help keep you pest free, while you enjoy your time outdoors with family, friends and pets.

During this time of year, some of the pests you are likely to see around your home and garden are: wasps, mosquitos, flies, red spider mites, ants and moths.

  • Wasps can take up residence just about anywhere, including underground and in trees, so always be on the lookout before you potentially stir up a nest.
  • Mosquitos are drawn to stagnant water, make sure to change your pet’s outdoor water bowl regularly.
  • Ants can be particularly troublesome in the summer months as we start to entertain. Keeping your indoor areas free of crumbs and food on accessible surfaces and ensuring clean working surfaces can help keep food sources unavailable to them.

Should you have some of these unwelcomed pests pop up, please check our online shop for control options.

Though they seem pesky, bees are tops on our list of summer visitors and are crucial to the pollination of our plants and gardens. They do not just make that delicious honey we purchase, but they pollinate flowers, fruits and vegetables If you are looking to grow a happy, healthy garden of any kind…leave them BEE.

Rodents this time of year can become an issue as we tend to want to draw wildlife to our gardens, like birds and red squirrels by putting out food for them. Unfortunately, rodents are equally drawn to these feeders. We strongly discourage feeding birds. Birds have so many natural food sources that mother nature provides during these summer months. The natural bushes, plants and trees with berries, not to mention the abundant amounts of insects available to them are amongst the many options for birds to feed on.

Hillbans would like to invite you to join us on September 22nd, 2021 at the Chamber of Commerce Expo 2021 at the Lakeside Hotel in Wootton. Come out to Stand #74 and meet the team at Hillbans Pest Control and find out a little more about our services.

Thank you for choosing Hillbans for your pest control. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Kindest Regards,

Sandra, Pat and the Hillbans Team