Customer update from Hillbans Pest Control

Dear Customer,

As you know, we have continued to provide our pest control services throughout the lockdown to ensure our customers receive the visits and treatments they require.

With new UK government guidelines and the slow easing of lockdown measures, we must prepare ourselves for a return to work, the imminent reopening of many shops, restaurants and bars and some of you will no doubt be considering the health and safety of your workplace and your employees.

Here on the Island, many hotels, holiday cottages and B&B’s will also be starting to prepare for potential re-opening sometime over the coming months.

We are reminded daily that we must take whatever precautions we can to prevent further spread of Coronavirus and stay safe. Social distancing, extreme hygiene measures and personal protective equipment remain paramount in the attempt to slow down and hopefully eradicate this pandemic.

Everyone must consider the measures we can take to provide the safest environment for yourself, your workforce, your customers and your guests and this extends not only to how you best protect everyone from now on, but also to residual hygiene risks from pre lockdown operation.

Hillbans are able to assist you in this process by carrying out a highly effective disinfecting service using a product that is safe to use in all types of premises and formulated to quickly control the risk of cross contamination from surfaces and equipment. It is safe, non-toxic and bleach-free and therefore safe to use throughout domestic and commercial premises.

It is proven to kill an array of bacteria and viruses. The technique used for dispersal can reach usually inaccessible areas for a thorough deep clean treatment. Additionally, there is no corrosion risk.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like further information on this or should you need us for any pest control issue, be it rodents, wasps, fleas, moles or bed bugs. We remain available and on call for these and many other treatments.

We can be contacted on 01983 406999 or by email at

With kind regards


Sandra Knowles
Managing Director