Flea Infestation and Removal

Much beloved of the Victorians for their circus tricks, the flea or Siphonaptera is not so much loved by its modern audience


More about fleas

Once a flea becomes an adult, its one goal in life is to find blood and then to reproduce. Without an adequate supply of food a flea will only live for a few days but if you, your cat or dog are playing host then they can live for two or three months. Female fleas can lay more than 5000 eggs over their lifetime which can turn into a serious infestation.

An adult flea can jump fifty times its own body length but only one or two feet off the ground so bites are likely to be around the feet and ankles, it also means they can spread across a property fast. If however you have an infested bed or sofa, the infestation is likely to be widespread.


What are the signs that fleas are present?

If you have found fleas on your pet or yourself then you will also have eggs, larva and pupas, as well as fully grown adult fleas. Even if you haven’t found the fleas directly on your pet, then you may well have found their droppings which look like specks of dirt – easily seen if your cat or dog has light coloured fur.


What can I do?

Prevention against fleas is relatively straightforward. Treat your pets with a proprietary flea treatment from a pet shop or vet, wash all of their bedding and toys thoroughly and vacuum your carpets, curtains and furniture, especially in rooms where your pets have been. However, once fleas are in your home it can be almost impossible to break the life cycle and eradicate them completely. That’s the time to call in the professionals for total control and complete eradication.

Pest control professionals will have access to chemicals that will treat the problem effectively as fleas have become increasingly resistant to over the counter insecticides making it safer for you, your family and pets. Professional pest controllers will be able to treat your home for all of the life stages of the flea and you will be safe in the knowledge that your infestation will be under control – ignoring could only result in the problem continuing which could increase the time and cost to resolve professionally in the end.

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