Customer update from Hillbans Pest Control

Dear Customers,

On the eve of the country’s second lockdown, I thought I would send a short update.

Our office staff will continue to work throughout and are contactable by telephone and email in the usual way. Our technicians will continue to work strictly within current industry and government guidelines and instructions, taking all necessary precautions with PPE and avoiding close contact.

As an essential service, we will be carrying out all routine visits during the lockdown period and would strongly encourage you to continue with your service even though you might have to temporarily close your business premises. Pests carry and transmit diseases, contaminate and ruin stock and foodstuffs and also breed at an alarming rate.

However, should you decide that you would rather we did not visit your business or home for the time being, please contact us either by phone or email with any special instructions.

We will also continue to respond to emergency call-outs and undertake follow-up visits on current treatments. We are always available for advice, either by phone or email, or you can check out the blog page on our website for general information. Should you require any pest control products, there is a range available via our online shop.

To those of you who may be worried about residual hygiene issues, particularly in your business premises, we are still able to offer an effective disinfecting service using a product that is safe to use in all types of premises and formulated to quickly control the risk of cross contamination from surfaces and equipment.

It has 99.9% effective results, proven to kill an array of bacteria and viruses. The technique used for dispersal can reach usually inaccessible areas for a thorough deep clean treatment. Additionally, there is no corrosion risk.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like further information on this or should you need us for any pest control issues. We remain on call and available.

With kind regards

Sandra Knowles
Managing Director