Building an Environmentally Future

Hillbans Pest Control  and KR Sustainability and recently joined forces to review the organisation’s environmental and sustainability credentials, with the findings resulting in the introduction of an innovative, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and humane pest control, as well as a significant reduction in the businesses’ overall carbon footprint.

Corporate Sustainability is crucial for organisations and with the current global crisis, it is the forefront of many corporations to rethink how we live and work and particularly the use of products and practices that may harm the planet and the environment.

Sandra Knowles, of Hillbans Pest Control says:

“The current shift in thinking is not new by any means but has now been brought to forefront, and Hillbans have decided to focus on carrying out environmentally friendly treatments wherever possible, using products that are as harmless as possible to the land and to nature.

“Hillbans has always prided itself on its ability to evolve and diversify and using poison free, humane and non-toxic products is another step in that direction, eliminating the possibility of secondary poisoning which allows an environment that is not only pest free but in which native species can survive, thrive and flourish.  This is particularly important in our work with rural businesses and in other areas where poisons can be harmful to other wildlife.”

Kayleigh Richter of KR Sustainability adds:

“KR Sustainability are delighted to have partnered with Hillbans Pest Control on their environmental policies and practices. Being able to introduce an environmentally friendly pest control is innovative and will really make a wider positive impact on the environment.”

KR Sustainability have been providing key environmental guidance around Hillbans operations and activities, working to complete and implement actions through the Green Impact award and to implement an ISO14001 environmental management system.