Bed-bug infestations are on the rise, and they just love to make themselves at home in hotel rooms! If you’ve got yourself booked in for a stay at a hotel then take a look at our step-by-step guide to bed-bug recognition before you settle in:

Step 1: Protect your belongings.

Make sure you leave your luggage on a hard surface whilst you’re inspecting, be it on the desk or in the bath, keep your bags off of the ground and any of the soft furnishings.

Step 2: Inspect the bed.

If possible, start by pulling the bed away from the wall.  A torch is handy for shining behind headboards and under beds, you can even use the torch on your phone.

Inspect the bed by pulling back the sheets, checking the headboard and the mattress. You’re on the look out for blood stains or small black dots that look like mold or ground pepper. Pay close attention to any folds, crevices or seams where bed bugs might like to hide.

Step 3: Inspect the area.

Although it is most common to find bed-bugs in and around the ‘bed’ area (hence their name) they may also be hiding out in soft furnishings such as chairs, curtains and cushions.

Step 4: Run or relax. 

If you spot any signs of bed-bugs, grab your luggage and get out of there! Let a member of staff know about your findings so they can get things sorted and shut off the infested room.

If you do not spot anything, then relax – the chances are you’re safe from infestation. Although be sure to check the sheets when you wake up in the morning for any fresh blood spots, just in case!