Martyn Ridgley

As a company, Hillbans Pest Control have always endeavoured to provide customers with the very best in pest control services. Not only does this include making sure technicians are trained to the highest standards and continue with ongoing professional development, but also the methods and practices we carry out in our work.

We recently invested in a new rodent control system, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and humane method of controlling rodents which we are now using with several customers. This system is particularly important in rural settings where poisons may be harmful to non-pest species. This new system eliminates the possibility of secondary poisoning which allows an environment that is not only pest free, but in which native species can survive, thrive and flourish.

Senior technician Patrick, is now part of the British Pest Control Association’s wildlife panel, which seeks to ensure that best practice decisions and guidelines for the industry are made to the benefit of our native wildlife whilst ensuring that target species are dealt with effectively.

Our latest effort to further progress our company, our ethos and our service to customers, is the recruitment of Martyn Ridgley, a qualified wildlife conservation zoo biologist.

Martyn believes that conservation should be at the forefront and has promoted this in his 20-year career in animal care and conservation, from teaching to zookeeping, inspiring an ethos of bringing biodiversity and environmental management across the country.

As an animal management professional, Martyn has a passion for the environment and a wealth of experience focused on the care of mammals, insects, fish and birds. His knowledge and experience complement our team’s existing expertise and will assist in helping us continue our efforts in an environmentally conscious way, to the benefit of our customers and our environment.

We look forward to working with Martyn and utilising the very specialist skills and knowledge he brings to the Hillbans team.